Other Ministries

Because of our burning desire to see people follow the Lord, we offer several ministry opportunities and discipleship possibilities each week such as sound and solid Biblical preaching, a vibrant Sunday School program for all ages, an aggressive visitation program, a bus ministry, a tract printing and distributing ministry, a media ministry, a nursing home ministry, a local correctional ministry, a law enforcement ministry, and a military ministry just to name a few.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes:

• Auditorium Class (Adult Class)
• College & Career (20-40 yr old)
• Youth Department (Teen)
• Junior (9yr – 12yr)
• Elementary (Children 6yr – 8yr )
• Primary (Children 3yr – 5yr)
• Nursery (Infancy – 3yr)



Our church goes out every week into the community and aggressively seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we do not attempt to force professions of faith, we do venture to sow the Gospel seed and invite people to come hear the life changing preaching from God’s Word.



Bus Ministry:

We run vans all over Duncan, OK, and the surrounding area, picking up children, parents, and the elderly in order to bring them to church. The Bus Ministry is a vital part of our outreach into the community. Our dedicated workers go out every Saturday and visit their regular riders and attempt to recruit new ones. This is truly an exciting and rewarding ministry.


Tract Ministry:

As a church, we have several personalized tracts that we use to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These tracts are available for members to use on an individual basis as well as the entire church during one of the different visitation opportunities each week.

Media Ministry:

Every service conducted in the auditorium is recorded and made available to those who would be interested. As our pastor preaches different sermon series, those series are then put into albums along with special days and particular events throughout the year. Our media ministry allows us to get the recorded services into the hands of shut-ins, lost relatives, visitors, etc. We are also in the process of putting a short DVD together of the church’s history, ministries, and projected future endeavors.

Nursing Home Ministry:

We have several men that are faithful to conduct worship services for area nursing homes. These men go every week on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM, lead the congregation in songs, and then bring a message straight from the Bible. Their consistent efforts have brought joy to the lives of the residents as well as the staff members.


Correctional Ministry:

Pastor Taylor, along with some of the men of the church, hold worship services, Bible studies, and personal mentorship for local correctional facilities within the area. Through the efforts of our prison ministry, we have seen men and women get saved and turn their entire life around by the grace of God.



Law Enforcement Ministry:

We greatly appreciate the Law Enforcement Officers from our local police department as well as the county sheriff’s office who keep the public safe and out of harm’s way. As a church, we strive to give officers a Godly example in which they can turn to in a time of crisis and aid with victim assistance. The church authorizes several different law enforcement chaplaincy ministries throughout the State of Oklahoma.

Military Ministry:

Our church has a true heart to aid and minister to the soldiers within our armed forces. With Fort Sill, OK, just a few miles west of Duncan, we truly understand how war and military conflicts can disrupt a community and devastate individual families. We do our best to offer a place of support for military families and soldiers returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan, or other combat areas. Pastor Taylor is a military endorsed chaplain with the United States Service Command. He has spent countless hours counseling veterans with PTSD, substance abuse addictions, domestic violence, and other service related concerns. Although war changes both the soldier and the family, God is still alive and His Word has the answers to deal with these pressing issues facing our US Military.